Apples & Oranges

More poetry I enjoyed reading this morning

Inside The Poet's Mind

Pig roasts and corn huskers
Versus freak show and street buskers
Starlit sky versus signs of neon
The warm heart versus the one that pumps Freon
Soft earth and sweet grass are a fine place to pitch a tent
But you can’t do that on asphalt, or cold hard cement
Country and City life are night and day
Like comparing apples to oranges as some would say.

T J Therien

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Back to the grind – A Routine

A routine always helps me as the summer fades away to fall. I look forward to the slower pace of the darkside of the year, and foraging for comfort. It helps knowing rent will be manageable thanks to the boatlife and making cheddar at Beecher’s in Pike Place Market.

Got my morning routine coming into play day 1. A quick blog post, a quick scrub, a cup of coffee and some eggs.

A half hour of meditation, a walk to get another cup of joe; feels like it’s all falling into place.

Then scoop, stir, flip, scrub at the vats with my homey cheese hands.

Time to get back into fitness the all hands on way. Can’t wait to don the uniform again, and dance around the cheeselab singing with the ladies and gents.

Peace, love, namaste,