10,000 #s of milk @ Beecher’s Handmade Cheese #PPM


About 3 years ago, I had an idea to visit all my favorite places in Seattle and share a little info about the people working/serving/toiling for their customers. I mean, who cares about the picture of the CEO, really? It’s all about the grunts, their teamwork, and as we all know, a little appreciation goes a really long way.

So this is an appreciation post for you, Punk Rockin’ Plain Jane. For my audience looking hard, you¬†can’t see her in the image. I didn’t have my camera til she was on break, unfortunately. Yes, I know, I’ll get better at this content stuff ūüėČ . Maybe I’ll add it later.

But here is a word of advice from someone who has worked in this particular fishbowl. We love visitors. But please,¬†DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS to get our¬†attention, unless you are certain¬†we¬†need¬†to see you. It’s just like the zoo or the aquarium and it can be upsetting to us.

The work is grueling, it’s easy to mess up, and even if we look casual, I promise it’s because¬†practice makes perfect.

You see the machines helping us, but don’t mistake it, they are only supplementary. It would be velveeta if we weren’t there. For example, one worker in one shift has to heave/knead/stir/cut/shovel/&hand-pack roughly 10 tons of curds. This means lifting 35lbs¬†roughly 533 times.¬†On certain days, when we don’t use the machines, the work is significantly more difficult, and we get truly tired. As my 2nd favorite boat-living LOL gamer would say, it is a struggle people, a real struggle. It’s like low elo bronze in League of Legends. #trick2g

Before I stop this post though, let me give another nod to a grunt. This goes out to¬†the man who made me get great fast! He’s the king of safety and sanitation, and there’s no one you’d rather have train you.¬†Ask the man Aaron Langdon how to do it, and all you get are pro-tips all day. Then ask him to show you his muscles cuz he is cut, but sorry ladies, he’s taken.¬†.¬†,¬†:D,

Final tip, all the Beecher’s goodfellas enjoy the attention, it’s just a fact of the job, so don’t be shy. But please be patient, give them¬†a wave and a smile, and when you take their picture, please finish with a peace sign or a thumbs up. We love that. It makes us¬†smile back, and¬†they¬†can¬†make you that much better cheez.

Peace and Love Seattle Workaholics. You make this city special. #love #respect #working #beechers #ppm
– Ian


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