Good bye Farms, Ain’t no Privacy, Hello Socialsphere

It’s a bit weird rejoining the social media world after taking some time off to go farming. I don’t feel like it’s that much different than it was a few years ago, and that makes me happy. “Watch I be wrong” though 😉


I thought it would be unpleasant to be so exposed again. I knew there wasn’t any privacy when I left. But it’s like I said to my buddy Kenneth Sawyer who’s trying to Cirque Du Soliel, “The only way to practice for the Big Show is in public”. Being exposed keeps you honest.


I thought I would dislike getting addicted to checking my phone again. But I haven’t. Now I don’t lose my phone, and actually, my friends and family can reach me when something fun or important is happening in real-time. Also, I try to follow Josh Dirks’s advice about kenneling the phone when what I really want is right in front of me. We all should have off hours every day, no?


I thought I’d get frustrated by the things other people were posting, ie. hate, fear, spam, ignorance etc. But really, its easy to filter one’s online experience, and the community has tons of self-proclaimed love-bugs like myself. Kudos to keeping it lovely people.


The usefulness of having our whole community from LIFE at our fingertips is tremendous and makes me feel powerful. The memories we share, the pro-tips for each person’s life-ambitions, and the connections that reach beyond our own small fishbowl… well, what can be said but L33T W88T W00T.


We have a radical community! Yup, radical, not something boring like “great”. We’re hella fucking filthy. Ok, I’ll settle the PNW boy in me back down.

This week for me, it’s been all about finding three things. 1) my level of comfort producing content, 2) a few channels conducive to my self-expression, and 3) some different strategies and tactics that might make my re-entrance create a few waves for people to ride. I’m going to draw a picture of my fishbowl analogy and post it here after I’m done writing. ^warning – I am not a good drawer^


I’ve trolled a little. I’ve called upon friends and family. Obviously, my content push is just on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, oh, right, and now WordPress. And, this seems a healthy blend. I’m not trying to be an obnoxious power-user who gets blocked by everyone outside of his/her industry. I’m not a business. And I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a bot.


I looked at Vine, and took two steps back. It’s not for me personally. Clearly, its a healthy platform, but it gives me headaches. I looked at Blogger, but it still feels broken, boring, and stiff. I considered YouTube, but I don’t have access to what I think I need to make great videos because I need a 2nd person for that. Patience.


Now is probably a good time to wrap up this post. It’s getting long, or at least it’s felt like a lot of paragraphs. I hope if you take a look at these thoughts, you’ll let me know what you think. Maybe I’m missing something about Vine, or maybe I’ve annoyed you this week, in which case, I’d be happy to apologize if you let me know. I honestly have a hard time reading emotions when I’m in the current.


I’m looking forward to meeting more people in my fishbowl, and splashing a little water into other people’s bowls with my cannon ball and jack knife dives.


Peace and Love, Ian


Life is like an analogy, and first you have to learn to row a small boat



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