Would you be happy if…

You knew you were the pet of an alien species?


You knew that aliens were hiding from you because they thought you behaved badly?


Or would it make you mad?


What would it take to motivate us to treat each other well. We’ve tried using capital G god, and about a zillion permutations of that. We’ve tried the opposite. We’ve appealed to our compassion, our ethics, our yadayada. We’ve tried a lot of techniques, and we’re getting better every time we try, but we’re not there yet, obviously.


I don’t think people are made perfect, but I think people can become pretty darn great at learning how to live together peacefully if their food, water, and shelter are fairly certain.


I want to try to motivate people to be better to each other using the technique I see used by scientists. Data. We simply don’t know what’s out there, but we’re finding out more all the time, and we’re doing way better than 1000 years ago, not to mention 50 years ago. Or maybe someone can appeal to people with Art again… I don’t know.

Maybe they won’t hang with us until we can hang with each other… decided to riff on this while listening to http://www.startalkradio.net/

Big ups to the source //code//



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