And Money Makes the World Go Round, Go Round

FROM A FEW DAYS AGO. But deserved a rewrite with some punctuation:


What is on my mind this morning?


Income Disparity, Social Work, Aliens, and Teamwork


If I make $12/hr, after taxes it looks like $10/hr. So if I work 10hrs a day, I make $100. If I share an apartment in Seattle, my rent can be $500, however I fork over privacy, resources, and independence.


Therefore, in one week I can pay rent, with nothing left over.


If I have school bills, medical bills, or need to support a dependent or elder in my family, then there goes another week, maybe two.


Once groceries, insurance, bus fare, and a day or two of leisure are factored in, there’s exactly zero left over. Fun, right?


Yet, I’ve known many people who can support their whole family by being creative and working tirelessly, and yet, they usually don’t have time to spend with their loved ones amidst the work.


However, it seems unfair and unethical to make people work so hard for so little.


This is not a unique idea. But I don’t hear citizens say this enough in Seattle. 


We have a much better minimum wage in Seattle than most places, and many more job openings. Certain perks, such as meals at work, a subsidized bus pass, and even a uniform, have all helped me get by when I was hungry, couldn’t afford the ride to work, or didn’t have money to do laundry.


Broke is broke = it’s no joke *** people need help whom lack dispensable income and time.


This is why I love social services, foodbanks, and the people who sometimes walk around with coolers of water and free pbj sandwiches. I’ve been there, and some people will always be because our system and the human psyche have holes that can’t be filled perfectly. There’s always something to devil over in the details, unfortunately.


Let’s make it easier for people who lack time and/or money, want it, and are willing to work diligently. Everybody fits somewhere in our system, we just have to find where, and double check that they are happy.


Then, let’s take that idea from the US to the globe to the multi-verse.


It’s a truth that one must clean up one’s own backyard first, or why would someone trust you to play in theirs. LOL, digressing for humor, if I were an alien, I would be very reluctant to hangout with earthlings.


But, coming back to the point, If the solution is bigger than a one person job, that’s when we have to put our collective heads together, and prove we’re all playing on the same team. That’s what I’m thinking about right now.


Income Disparity, Social Work, Aliens, and Teamwork


Hmmmm I think I need to go throw the lax ball around a bit 🙂


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