Mad Park : at least u can skate it

Where would you go if you were me in Madison Park?

Anonymous says: “Uppity: have a margarita at Cactus; down-home: have a boilermaker at The Red Onion; fancy hungry: the new sandwich place where the bakery used to be; dinner hungry: Thai Ginger; snack hungry: The Attic (for hot wings). Or just hang out at the beach and stare at people.”

I say, “Lol. Nice round up. So I did the beach, stripped to my jons and went off the tall dive, dropped by the Attic but they brought me a Guinness when I said “I need a sec”, so I left, and now I’m at McGilvra’s, which didn’t even make your list….. Cactus did look snooty for mad park tho so I’ll continue to skip that.”


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