The Longest Time – Social Poll

What takes you the longest time to do as a social media industry provider? For me it appears to be polling other social media providers.

my survey¬†(Still waiting for 32 responses, only have 8 so far…)


Is it the brainstorming, the¬†production, the pitch, or analyzing data? Is it logistics, or maybe getting people to pay their bills on time? Maybe the longest time is spent trying to get your target audience to respond, or cleaning up a mess made by a troll. Maybe it’s something else. Like writing and receiving feedback on a straw poll.


There is a website called “”. I’m testing it for the first time today. I’ve been part of the surveyed, and now I’d like to send out my survey.

Sorry, I would have posted the survey and not a link to the survey, but I didn’t want to take the time to fix the code to make it populate here. I’m lazy sometimes, and have other work to focus on, buds.

Please take the time to respond tho, as I’d like to hear from n=40 in my webzphere.


Peace, love, namaste,



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