The plight of the oysters :(

@CoralMDavenport đŸ™‚

I did not say, The Flight of the Concords, but Mr. Inslee did say, “Now it’s the oyster in the half shell,” according to NYT Energy and Environment Policy columnist Coral Davenport.

Nor am I about to say that this article should make us worry for our beloved Geoducks — them being heartier bivalves living up to 168yrs, but which unfortunately may have their own problem due to a recent parasite increase in our region — but if you understand the concept of a food chain or if you just don’t want to get caught eating the canary, click the link above… Well you can just click it if you don’t get the drift.

Please read about our oyster problem and then share this with a friend if sharing a conversation doesn’t offend you.

Environmental awareness is more than just Global Warming. Ok that last sentence was preachy. Spread the word #twirld.

Peace and Love!


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