I agree. To be a modern man, if you think you are an empowered person, YOU SHOULD READ THIS. If you acknowledge that you are not, then, first, sucks for you, second, I fart in your general direction, and third, please go get some help. Some people need help, others just need a wake up call.

Once we get further along in our ever-increasing social awareness, and we, as a people united as one species, get better at taking care of each other, then we can have a more complicated discussion about certain nuances that might seem unfair or unclear to us men.

However,until that day comes, this article by Zaron Bumett is doing some of the best work I’ve seen to get men thinking in the right direction. Even the headline shows that Mr. Bumett is properly aware of the right type of words to use in the social space; pun intended.

Sharing this will help. And just to make this personal for me, as a 5′ 5″ little cute boy, it should be known that I’ve had a few rough run-ins, and I’ve tried to make myself seem like a tough target over the years.

Hindsight, data, and a lot of female friends have been the best teachers, and now that I’m better about standing up to my social groups, my eyes are open to how much fact is held in this article.

My hope? That we can break this culture, particularly in institutions of higher-education — the irony hurts when you’re supposed to be smart people — parties/clubs, at work, and on the street. I’ll be able to handle it in comedy clubs when we get past it in real life. Often it just hurts my ears and my heart.

That being said, I know I mess it up. I’m not fully-aware, and to a certain degree that was my favorite realization from the article. I’ll pull an ugly face or posture, or make an ugly remark, and sometimes I don’t realize it until after the fact. Feel free to call me on my bullshit please! I try to throw my own flag, and pull my own card when it happens, and I’ll quickly back the fuck off if anybody says something to me. Power to you and #YESALLWOMEN


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