Unfunny: the Death of Robin Williams Spotlights Depression

I so agree. Thank you for putting your warm thoughts down again Kendall. Dead Poets Society will always be a solid movie filled with great inspiration. I can’t remember how many times my dad and I watched Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire as well.
As you often mention the importance of family and support, I wanted to share a token regarding one of my biggest supporters, my dad. He is one of my biggest inspirations when I feel depressed, and I can’t thank him enough for times like the week we just had. We went out to the west coast of Washington and traveled to awe awakening sites that truly show the beauty of our state, and remind me of all the good that exists. There are many memories that I hope to never lose, this being one, but I would trade them all if we could keep people laughing, and safe in their darkest moments. To brighter days, and shameless hearts.

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