Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing…

Challenge: I want to know what you think; what will we do? Be a leader.

While looking for a little inspiration today, this post satisfied my need. Joyce Harkness writes what I hear as a call to action and I am struck by it. It’s exactly how I have been feeling, but only more recently.

I went to school with many of the greatest minds, and most influential individuals as a younger man. These youth could recite the stories of their families’ successes in ways that I never could because I simply never learned their stories. Then they talked about what plane they planned to buy, and I lost interest.

My fear today, I believe, is the same as Joyce’s in that I do not see effective/affective thought-leaders in my generation. Much more significantly, I do not see our action leaders?

Where is our future MLK, Ghandi, or other Jesus Christ figure who will put his life on the line in the name of impacting humble, peaceful, quiet change? I’ve met the militants, but a fight begats a fight, so let’s stop there.

But my thoughts always role on and jumble together.

Which citizens will be the ones who’s will will change the arc of our current hate-filled policies, activate the people in peace, and make longstanding betterment in our most blighted communities, for our most needing global citizens?

And what if we had a 1,000,000 of these leaders and not just a few dozen per generation? Maybe we could fix the world this time permanently, and focus on the next important frontiers. To me, new frontiers only matter if they help us fix this first problem of humans hating humans and living in abject squalor, and terror.

And then maybe we would sit around developing products, researching ideas, and crunching data that truly matter — and then we might smile a lot more as a whole while we work.

I don’t believe that good in the world is sum-zero. The pie can expand and contract.

On a personal note, I’m going to start doing what I can to expand the pie, the best ways I know how, which are the ways most important to my state and state-of-mind because it is all I know.

I’m going to volunteer to fight fire in the Methow Valley before everything people have worked for burns to a crisp.

Then I’m going to help those under-served by Seattle’s DSHS by uniting our local health service providers (if they’ll permit me) to better use the online space for listening, communicating, and fundraising so at least there will be a bigger pie to work with.

My final aim is to head to the Washington coast to learn more first-hand about what it is like to live, love, and work on a reservation. How can we preserve our heritage if we don’t serve our heritage. How can we have done what we’ve done and only pay homage in words?

I don’t feel reserved today, however, I do feel humbled by the things I don’t know and won’t accomplish alone.

I’m not in a position to impact global change today, and probably never will be. Yet, I have my faith that we are all one species, that we might go extinct if we don’t learn to play nice with each other, and that local change, person to person, neighbor to neighbor, makes for real help, progress, and improvement as long as there is great listening and compassion.

Peace, love, and namaste!

In Grief And Sorrow — Where Are The Great Leaders?.





5 thoughts on “Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing…

  1. I remember one brother-in-law once asked me “how can we affect change in the world.” (This B-i-L once had political aspirations, and tends toward grandiose thinking sometimes.) My response was simple because I believe it to be true. You can only change the people whom you can directly influence. First you love and raise your children so they will be responsible, thinking, and questioning adults. You treat those with whom you come into contact with care and respect. Doesn’t mean you have to be best buds. You are a role model for a set of values and virtues. What you do is as important or moreso than what you say.

    I believe in self-sufficiency — that is, you know how to take care of yourself and your family and you do the work that is necessary to support them.

    Then, you branch out — singly or as a family to help others who are less fortunate or in trying to fix problems you encounter rather than just raging about them. In a family this is great because it involves talking with one another, and using some innovative and non-linear thinking. And a bond.

    There’s a saying that leaders are born not made, but I think leadership can be developed — but not by slackers. I love MLK, because he reached beyond the political arena to speak to people’s hearts and minds. He represented a just cause and people knew it. I want to cry when people actively stir us racism today, because it’s just wrong.

    I want to hear someone say again “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” But between the mud-slinging of political parties, it’s hard to hear those voices — and when we do, are they telling us the truth? Or is it PR?

    I think your goals sound admirable, and more importantly achieveable — except maybe for the DSHS. Bet then again, I really don’t know you.

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    1. This is amazingly well worded and profoundly accurate in my mind. I am so happy that this came from a simple challenge. You could write political speeches is the best compliment I can think of… Do you write?


      1. I retired from teaching two years ago and my stated ambition was to publish a children’s book. I joined a children’s picture book writing with some published authors, and wrote several stories. It has been harder than I thought, though I have written several, and read them with the group getting constructive criticism. I’m not a very disciplined person, so I took up the Post-a-day challenge to make me write every day (since developing the habit and time to write daily is important. As I consequence I;m writing less of the children’s material. I’m still considering my options — I think I may better fit into an older age group because I like facts, especially weird facts, and I love history. So I may succeed, but I will keep trying. Thank you for your kind comments.

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