Another Pretty Flower Before Summer Ends

Hi friends,PinkFlowerEndofSummer

It’s been a great summer. While I’m not throwing in the towel yet (see BBQ invite this Friday at 6pm, and contact me if you want to come and I missed you), the breeze is cooler, the days aren’t beaming like they were, and the nights are getting longer. Actually, it’s a relief and I’m looking forward to it. All that comes to mind are the people I care about who are around to chill for the winter months. Let’s watch some Northern Exposure on the boat some chilly morning after a nice night at Mox. That’s what’s on my mind this morning.

Sometimes, I talk about the good life making me complacent. Today feels like a day when I need to remember to keep pushing onward. It would be too easy to take a nap and enjoy the last days of sun idly. “The days are just packed.” ~ Bill Watterson

So here’s to one more flower — I bought my last Sun Flower of the season yesterday at Ballard Blossom *very nice, but no img* — refocusing on a more ideal situation for others, and still leaving time for a nice pair of shoes, a good laugh, and a sporting game.

Take care all, and FRIENDS move back to the Seattle area too. Just saying. Found out a couple other friends will be leaving the area in the next year so we need replacements.

Photo credit: Tiger SEO –


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