The Memory Fairy

This is a very important topic to me having multiple family members suffering from this particular disease. More awareness, more stigma reduction, and more understanding is all I require.

I think done honestly these three things encourage recovery. In addition, I think they encourage more people to dedicate their time to finding and funding help for those suffering. Most importantly, I believe it helps the people suffering in the here and now live a life worth living.

Psychiatric journals suggest I am not wrong, even if it is a placebo effect. The links between Alzheimer’s and early drug use is one that has me warning the youth against experimenting before they reach an age where their brains are fully developed (IMO age 25). I can’t deny my history, but I can fear my history, and encourage smarter decisions in people who have are still navigating their first dip in these waters.

One part of the discussion appears to be genetic, another part environment, and if there is another part (epigenetics, which I see as a combination of the two), my hope is simply to inform people what the data says.

A good scientific group out of Amsterdam has been running tests for years (less impeded than many other groups, as I understand it) and they suggest that a person should wait until 21 before experimenting.

However, I put the age at 25 because of my own personal experiences listening to other people’s stories. I also want to hedge bets against what we don’t know, specifically for the frontal lobe, and the variance in rates at which we mature, if that makes sense.

My memory doesn’t work as well as I’d like it to. Sometimes it’s hit, sometimes it’s miss (notice I didn’t remember the name of the group out of Amsterdam). My hope is through eating right, and treating my body better as I age, that I can reverse, negate, or minimize any damage that I may have done to my system as a youth. I don’t have thng the risk-attraction I had as a young man, even though I still like to be an adventurer and avid sportsman.

What more can I say now, other than I hope the future generations will make safer, better decisions than myself in order to benefit the generations that come after them?

In the end, we all survive for a time, and we all die at a time. I just want the time in survival to be more enjoyable, and to create more beautiful, amazing moments. I feel that in my heart, but I know it in my brain. And I hope I will always be able to remember this.

Love, peace, namaste,

2 thoughts on “The Memory Fairy

  1. Each time one of my posts is reblogged, I am appreciative for the share, but I always visit the top of the page to read the reblogger’s comments, sometimes none exist and sometimes you get a completely different angle on the topic, like this one, allowing me to sit back and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and feelings on the subject. Enjoyed reading your work very much.

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  2. I came here for the kind words you wrote today on my blog and got to read this post, that touched me so much.
    My mom suffered from this horrible disease until she passed away last year and one of the best book I ever read about it is called “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova. If you feel like it, read it and tell me what you think.


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