What voice would you use? #Socialmedia

R-20121221-0040.jpgFinding your voice.


One thing I learned from great creative minds at EXCLAIM Llc. is that every creative project begins with a creative brief.


Why? Features of each creative project differ, and these features cannot be agreed upon until specific questions have been answered. I cannot delineate all of the features here, but there are many places in the online space to look up the standards.


An important feature of creative briefs in the social media space (imo) is “The Voice”. It is similar to selecting the voice talent for a radio spot, a copywriter for a website, and a ghostwriter for a book. The primary component of this feature is the Target Audience. So a question for a client might be, who are you trying to reach? After which, it is possible to choose a community manager, a blogger, or another engager to get involved. This is a 101 marketing and branding tip re-purposed for the webz. It is also a necessary piece to begin any strategic brief or involved creative project across the various mediums.


So then, what does one do to account for multiple target audiences. Personally, I like to write multiple creative briefs. Do you have a dozen targets? Is that too many or too few? Does it matter? I don’t think so. Just make sure to differentiate them when a question about the creative arises.


Imagine me spending all day writing creative briefs. I’ve done it before. I imagine many interns and greenhorns have. It’s time consuming for an agency and expensive for clients. But it is a necessary part of the process if a campaign is to make it through the boardroom with buy-in.


Since this is a blog for me, I use the voice that I am most familiar with and find most comforting. It is an issue of compatibility always. I like my voice; there I said it. *pat pat*


Do you like yours? How did you make the decision? I’d love to hear your story about finding your voice in the online space. Is it essentially you, or do you mask your voice? Does it matter? I think so. Do you?